17 September 2012

Explaining The Triangle

Humans must have concerned themselves with time ever since they have become aware. A time to hunt and a time to sleep, and dream. A time to fear and fight and a time to love. Ancient burial sites and temples tell us we were deeply concerned with death and the afterlife.  Ancient shamans tried to interpret symbols and dreams. I believe religion came about as a way to explain Fear vs. Dreams or Eternity vs. Death. A superior being that transcended time which I have labelled “GOD” at the top of my triangle. Then came early physicists and mathematicians or astronomers who tried to rationalize the world but with their limited knowledge would still rely heavily on mythology. With the first philosophers myth was questioned and room was made for argumentation.  This brought on a whole field of philosophy and later psychology that is concerned with what I labelled “MIND”. This left scientist the freedom to explain the physical world or “SPACE” without the constraints of religion or personal perceptions. These 3 distinct approaches give us a very pure and abstract concept of time.  From these three come three secondary understanding of time. A quest for “Universal” time,  “Transcendental” time or “Empirical” time.  My hope is that we can converge from these into a new and better understanding of what time really is.

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