2 January 2017

La Notte e Il Giorno - Michelangelo (1524)

I looked at the date of my last post; September 2013. Over three years have passed since then, what happened ? Well, I met a girl... we got engaged and a few months later we married, we had a baby boy and 18 months later, a baby girl. We moved cities 3 times and after working for 2 years in Jewellery I went back to my banking career...
The four of us Live in Florence now and when I have a little free time I like to visit some of the monuments and museums this beautiful city has to offer. 
Michelangelo's Day and Night sculptures are an allegory (together with his Dawn and Dusk) for Time.
I believe that inspired by this city and by the joy of my beautiful family I will find a little time to write about "time".

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